"The girls are having a blast at camp! Thank you too for all of the mini lessons about self esteem, smoking, and healthy snacks, etc that you have been covering. I think it's valuable to hear these things from other adults as well as your parents. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into the camp. Both of the girls are having a great time and they are teaching their younger sister ( 19 mos) the cheers and the dance! Too cute! :) Have a great day!"Thanks!
Megan Vespestad"They are really enjoying the camp this week. Thank you for your enthusiasm and positive influence!" - Jonna Brandel

"She is very excited about Sunday. We appreciate what you are doing and how you are investing in young girls."

Blessing of Christ,
Janet Clevenger

"I think this camp is wonderful and you are doing a great job. Thanks for spending this time with the kids. Bailey loves it!"


"Ashton has had a wonderful time at camp thus far! She has raved about it!!!"

Emily Lang

"We love your class! Thank you so much for doing this for the girls. We are sooooo excited to find something that Payton is loving other than playing Barbies and American Girl Dolls."

Chanie Mitchell

"Thank you for everything you do. Darcie loves to cheer. I am thankful for Jill introducing us to you!!! We had a blast yesterday! Darcie talked about it all day yesterday. My parents came up from Lake of the Ozarks to see all the shows. SO- we had our own show last night. It was FUN!!! :-) Good luck tonight-you will do GREAT!!! See you at the next event!"

Darcie's Mom

"I can't tell you how impressed I have been with your camp this week. As a mom, I can tell you that Elizabeth has LOVED it each day. As a church director, I am impressed with how professionally you have run everything this week. In addition, you are an excellent teacher and wonderful with the girls. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I am so happy that we are collaborating on this and I am looking forward to many successful camps in the future!"




"Our babysitter is a cheer leader at BVW. Britan, the cheer leader, told Payton that she was a cheer leader for a high school. Payton told her that she could not be a cheer leader because cheer leaders have blond hair! Thank you for talking to the girls about being nice and what beauty is all about.""Thanks, Lynn--Alexis had an absolute ball in your camp this week!!! You did a super job, especially considering you had 75 little girls to work with! Look forward to checking out your website and possibly pursuing more camps."Ann Bevan

"Thanks for such a fun week. I think you've created a monster andhopefully will have something in the fall for her to continue in!!!"

Thanks so much,

"Thanks so much. Catherine is loving the camp. Thank you for all the hard work I am sure you have put into the week."


"The girls have LOVED the camp and they really liked meeting your daughter."

Tricia Feuerborn

"I think this camp is wonderful and you are doing a great job. Thanks for spending this time with the kids. Bailey loves it!"


"Jordan had fun today. She likes it a lot. Thanks for all you do Lynn."

Teri Chalker

"She is having a great time at camp!"

Janet Barber

"My daughter wanted to email you and tell you hello. She also wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed the camp this past week. She is also very excited about cheering tomorrow at the Wizards game."

Katelyn Redd

"Thanks for a great experience. Makeilee had a super time. I have been trying to teach and model good nutrition and as someone who works with eating disorders I appreciate the intentional message of good nutrition and exercise within the healthy balance. Although she loves sweets, she said we learned why it is important to eat healthy foods."

Thank you again,

"I personally had so much watching you and the girls Saturday. I danced and cheered through high school then was always part of the dance squad in my sorority in college. Watching you with the girls brought back so many wonderful memories that I wanted to jump up and learn the dance too, but something tells me mommy is not quite in as good as shape as Ms. Lynn!! HA! I appreciate your patience and leadership with the girls. Megan adores you and I am so happy to be a part of both of your classes "

Thanks, Janice