January Girl Talk

February 11, 2014

During the month of January we began discussing “You- from head to toe”
With all of my girl talks I bring up the topic and then ask the girls questions and to share stories.
We started with hair- How can we take good care of our hair?
“wash it” “keep it brushed” “let mommy do it”
we added: never share hair things- and discussed head lice and keeping your hair out of your beautiful face.
We then moved onto how to take care of your face- “Keep it clean” “Make sure you do not have food on your face” “Lotion” and “sunscreen” Remember that the sun’s rays can be harmful to little faces all year long, not just in the summer.
We also discussed not sharing makeup and other items that go on your lips and eyes. We also discussed that they do not need any makeup at all. They are beautiful just the way they are!
For the remainder of the month we discussed teeth and how to brush properly and washing your hands.
In February we will continue with taking care of our body on the outside (clothes, nails…) and then move to the inside (Nutrition)

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