Harlem Globetrotters 2018

February 20, 2018

We are so lucky to be invited back to perorm the halftime show for the Harlem Globetrotters! This year the game is Feb 25th at 2p.m.  I have some amazing helpers going to the game to fill in my place while I am with my daughter in Dallas Texas for a cheerleading competition.

Ms. Tanya:  Tanya is a mom that filled in for me last year too.  Her daughter Addie has came back to LOCD to do the show while her mom leads our group.  She is so amazing with the girls.  Loving and caring and adds her energetic personaltiy making me feel good knowing my girls are in good hands!  Tanya has been coming to the Thursdsay 5:30 class for the last month to learn the routine and meet the girls.

Faith and Lauren:  Faith and Lauren are a part of my Highschool  Varsity Cheer squad.   They too attending last year and were such a great help to Tanya.  They will attend the practice the Thursday before the game to meet the girls.  They are already familar with the dance.

Thank you guys for all your help!

Tickets will be handed out Wednesday at practice.  Cheerleaders should wear uniforms with a black long sleeve under.  Hair should be half up with the pink bow facing forward.  Don’t forget your pink pom poms.  Please wear white tennis shoes and white socks.  You are welcome to arrive to the game at start time.  More details will be emailed.

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