Birthday Parties

Lynn O'Brien Birthday PartiesHere's a birthday celebration that will leave everyone cheering!

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•  Minimum of 1 hour Cheer & Dance instruction with Lynn O'Brien!
•  Minimum of two cheers, One dance to perform
•  Each child will receive a set of poms
•  Each child will receive sparkles on their cheeks
•  The Birthday Child will receive a Lynn O'Brien Cheer and Dance T-shirt for all the guests to sign
•  A Final Performance for the parents before departing

The Party should be 2 hours long, the instruction is 1 1/2 hours long for $125 for up to 10 guests.
Each additional guest is $5. (remember to add siblings if participating)

•  Hair bows for each guest $2 per guest
•  Keepsake T-Shirt for each guest $6 per guest
•  Custom Invitations $10 for 15 invitations
30 minute add-ons:
•  Make-up & Hair Makeover
•  Nails & Toes!
•  Craft Project- pennats, frames, or Cheerleader necklace
•  $50 per additional 1/2 hour

Customize your party!

This cheerleading party will include jumping, cheering and dancing. Be sure to designate a space in your home, by arranging furniture and other items.

Each Guest must sign a waiver with Lynn O'Brien Cheer and Dance to participate.

Parties should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. A $50 non refundable deposit must be made at time of booking. This deposit is applied to final payment.

Fun Ideas

Attach team pennants, letterman's jackets, athletic shirts etc., to the walls and windows. For accents... if you daughter is currently a cheerleader for football or basketball team, add appropriate decorations. Keep hygiene in mind, by purchasing inexpensive individual hairbrushes for each guest, from your local dollar store.

Birthday Posters

While the girls are waiting for their makeover, they can fashion a special poster for the birthday girl. Provide a flat surface, large sheet of poster board with the birthday girl's name already written, stickers, markers and / or gel pens. Encourage them to get creative by writing special birthday cheer.